Larry Wheels Posts Before & After Photos Showing The Effects Of “Peak Steroid Abuse”


Larry Wheels compares his current face vs a past period of time when he was abusing steroids.

Larry Wheels has opened up about his steroid use yet again by sharing a before and after photo comparing his face during “peak steroid abuse” versus his current condition. Wheels previously made headlines by discussing how he would stop using steroids for improved athletic performance and instead start TRT to bring his testosterone levels back to normal. While his journey into this transition has relatively just started – he appears to already be reflecting back to his days of heaviest steroid use.

Larry Wheels has pushed the boundaries of both his physique and strength throughout his career. Having focused in the past in both bodybuilding and powerlifting – Wheels was best known for his monstrous lifts. The amount of heavy weight he could secure were, indeed, impressive. But it seems that his decisions along the way have led to an impasse. One that brought him to decide to drop heavy steroid use altogether.

This decision came after enduring many injuries in an attempt to push himself even further – and perhaps by overestimating how fast he can push progress while using PEDs. Wheels now wants to slow things down, focus on his health, and return to what he truly loved about weightlifting – the work, the progress, and the eventual well-earned achievements.

Along this transition toward his new goals, Larry Wheels has been extremely open and honest with his fans on social media. He spoke openly about his heart health and also about his ultimate decision to slow down with PEDs and focus on TRT.



One image in the post showcases his current condition, which he claims has improved from the way he looked during his more heavy use of steroids. The second image showcases Wheels at an earlier time. In the image, you can clearly see his face looks different. Some might say older or aged. Others may say “harsher” with sharper lines.

There have long been both anecdotes and studies to show the side effects of steroid use – particularly over the long term. Even proponents of steroids wouldn’t argue against that.

And while these two images are also taken under different conditions (such as how much he weighed, the lighting, the lens of the camera, etc), there’s very little doubt that steroids played a part in the difference in how he appears.

Larry Wheels continues to chronicle his journey away from steroid abuse and into TRT. He’s also shared videos of himself testing his strength only on TRT. We can’t wait to see where he goes from here – and when we can next see him in some form of competitive format again.

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