Larry Wheels Shares Downsized Physique Update, Best Lifts At 251 Pounds


Larry Wheels will be attempting new PRs at this bodyweight next month.

Larry Wheels has built a reputation as a powerlifter who has shown off some insane feats of strength. Now, he continues to have that super-human strength but is doing it in different ways.

Wheels used PEDs over the course of his career that spanned a decade. Recently, he has decided to stop using steroids and is now only on testosterone replacement therapy. This came after getting his health checked by doctors earlier in the year. After suffering some injuries during prep, Wheels decided to begin training under new circumstances.

Since going off PEDs, Wheels is noticeably downsized but remains shredded and his strength is at wild levels. In a recent Instagram post, Wheels shared a recent physique update along with his best lifts on TRT.

Larry Wheels Physique Update

In a recent post for his 3.8 million followers, Larry Wheels shared a recent physique update and his best lifts. Wheels is preparing to attempt some new PRs in one month.

Wheels revealed that his best lifts on TRT include a 771-pound squat, 573-pound bench press, and 826-pound deadlift.

Over the course of his career, Wheels has dabbled in both bodybuilding and arm wrestling, along with powerlifting. He has competed in 16 sanctioned competition and has 11 victories. He has focused on other avenues in recent years but remained dedicated to his strength and putting up big numbers in the gym.

Despite being off PEDs, Larry Wheels remains dedicated and still has that same drive in the gym. We will all prepare to see what levels he is able to reach in one month when he attempts some new PRs in the three lifts.

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