Lou Ferrigno Reveals His Best Kept Fitness Secret At 70 Years Old


Bodybuilding legend Lou Ferrigno shares secrets to being ripped at 70: “Eat good, Sleep good, Train good”

Legend Lou Ferrigno is the picture of longevity after leading successful ventures in bodybuilding and Hollywood. Ferrigno recently shared a video on Facebook Live where he revealed how he stays in shape at 70 years old. 

Early in Lou Ferrigno’s career, he trained with Arnold Schwarzenegger and competed at many major bodybuilding shows. During his time in competition, Ferrigno won the Mr. Universe title twice. In 1974, Ferrigno competed at his first Mr. Olympia show where he managed to secure second place after losing to Schwarzenegger. The next year Lou attempted Mr. Olympia again, but he came in third place and failed to defeat Arnold. 

Lou Ferrigno has also led a successful acting career. After losing to Arnold at back-to-back shows, his story became one of the main subjects of the popular 1977 documentary, Pumping Iron. Years removed from his bodybuilding career; Lou still has a knack for understanding what it takes to compete at the highest level in the sport. In addition, the actor has made it clear that mindset is the best weapon for overcoming goals in life.

Lou Ferrigno: “Health Is Your Greatest Wealth” 

In a video published on Facebook Live, Ferrigno looks back on his physique at 43 years old and admits it was difficult to maintain a 300lb shredded build. The famous actor also touches on an acting project he’s been working on.

“Look behind me, you can see this picture over here. I was 43 years old, 300lbs ripped. Right now, I’m 70 years old, I’m still training every day very consistent, there’s no excuses. I can’t make excuses. And you know something, I just finished filming recently a great YouTube limited series called The Offer on Paramount Plus. A remake of the Godfather series. It’s fantastic. Lou said.

We got so many great actors, people in it playing all these different characters, from Brando to Pacino, to Sinatra. I’m excited for you to get to see it because you get to see me on the screen, on the big tube looking young at 70 years old because nobody on this planet looks like. Lou shared. I’m very proud to share my love with you. Be consistent. There are three things, eat good, sleep good, and train good, and remember one thing, health is your greatest wealth.” 

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Ferrigno believes mindset is the most important tool when preparing for a bodybuilding show. At one point, Lou shared that maintaining his physique was like working a full-time job, but he doesn’t regret it. Given the lofty accomplishments Lou has made throughout his career, his determination and mindset no doubt contributed to his success. 

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