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Despite how common it truly is, few people are open about their use of steroids in the world of strength sports. That does not apply to Mark Bell, who recently admitted to using performance enhancing drugs at various points in his career.

Bell has been involved in strength sports for the majority of his career. He has competed in a variety of sports, ranging from strongman, to powerlifting, and bodybuilding.

While he has had varying degrees of success in each sport, Mark has garnered a reputation for his hard work, and dedication to the craft. This has earned him a ton of respect from various other people in the community.

Another aspect about Mark Bell that is worthy of respect, is how honest he is about what he does, particularly in terms of his steroid use. In the past, he has opened up about the cycles he has done, while competing in bodybuilding and powerlifting.

This was a topic that was brought up again recently, as he was  Speaking in a recent video to his Instagram, he confessed to using PEDs for powerlifting, and explains what he is currently using nowadays.

“Throughout my powerlifting career, I did use performance enhancing drugs. Throw me in jail if you want,” Bell said.

“Nowadays I’m on TRT. That’s what I do, I’d just like to be open about it and share that with people. Because I’m going to share with you about diet and how I train and stuff. I might as well throw that in there as well.”

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This comment was in response to someone who called Bell out for not mentioning the fact that he neglected to mention his anabolic steroid use in another video. However this was just one of the times that he has been open about his use of gear, and he decided to do it again.

“I’ve always been transparent. I started when I turned 25 and had already been training for over 13 years natty. I benched 405 lb natty and it just be like that,” Bell wrote in the caption of the post.

The fact is, as controversial as steroids may be, a massive population of athletes in all strength sports use some form of performance enhancers. We have recently seen an uptick in the amount of people being honest about that, which many feel is a positive thing to do.

Mark Bell has always been the type of guy to be upfront and honest with his fans, and this is no exception. Hopefully this type of information will help others make smart choices when they are thinking about getting on gear, and not end up in unfortunate situations.

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