Mike O’Hearn Shares Arm Workout, Hits a Close Grip Bench Press of 385lb for Whopping 10 Reps


Mike O’Hearn showed off his massive arm workout including close-grip bench press.

Mike O’Hearn has made waves during his career as a bodybuilder, actor, and fitness model. He has appeared on the cover of many magazines because of his incredible physique and that is built using his strength. This is something O’Hearn showed off during a massive arm workout as he close-grip benched 385 pounds for 10 reps.

On his YouTube page, O’Hearn was joined by former fullback and NFL Network analyst Heath Evans. The two got together for a huge arm day workout to build biceps and triceps.

Mike O’Hearn completed his close-grip bench presses as the first exercise of the day. This is a classic workout to build triceps and upper-arm size. O’Hearn completed his impressive set followed by Evans, who pumped out five reps of 315 pounds.

The duo moved onto skull crushers, which they performed with a barbell while laying down on a bench. This tricep workout explodes the muscles but also provides a deep stretch to stimulate more muscle fibers. Hammer-grip barbell bicep curls were next. Mike O’Hearn performed these workouts with a neutral grip to emphasize the brachialis. This an elbow flexor that pushes up against the outer biceps.

This was an abbreviated workout but one that pumped the arms for size. The duo performed the exercises with big weight and less reps. This is a way to promote muscle building in all areas of the arm. O’Hearn has continued to provide wisdom in different areas over the course of his career.

At 53 years old, Mike O’Hearn has maintained an elite physique thanks to his work in the gym and knowledge of muscles. He is a former four-time Mr. (Natural) Universe winner who has also competed in strongman and powerlifting. On TV, he has been featured in the original American Gladiators series.

Mike O’Hearn Arm Workout Routine 

For this specific arm workout, O’Hearn was joined by Evans, who was one of the strongest players in the NFL during his time. This continued in retirement as Evans is still a freak in the gym. This was shown in 2017 when he benched 225 pounds for 45 reps during the NFL Combine. This is a method used by the league to test the strength of athletes coming out of college. Evans decided to give it a go while in his full work gear.

  • Hammer-Grip Barbell Biceps Curl
  • Skull Crusher
  • Close-Grip Bench Press

Mike’ O’Hearn is still an influential voice in fitness because of the physique he has maintained and his overall wisdom of the area. This is another instance of O’Hearn providing a workout for others to try.

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