Nick Walker Joins Former Foe Blessing Awodibu For A Crushing Leg Day Workout


Bodybuilders Nick Walker and Blessing Awodibu go through a lengthy leg day workout together

2021 Arnold Classic winner Nick Walker recently joined archrival-turned-friend Blessing Awodibu for a crushing leg day workout. Walker’s off-season training is going full throttle as he will not compete at the 2022 Arnold Classic to defend his title. The 27-year-old joined Awodibu at Redcon1 gym. This was Walker’s first workout at the gym and he allowed Awodibu to take the lead for the workout. The video of this workout was uploaded on Nick Walker’s YouTube channel.

Nick Walker and Blessing Awodibu went through the crushing workout with a playful yet focused demeanor. Awodibu, who admits that he used to overemphasize the upper body during the earlier days of training, accepts that his legs are the weakest part of his physique. However, he took the lead for the heavy leg day workout that consisted of:

  • Inner thigh squeezes
  • Single Leg Curls
  • Double leg curls
  • Leg Press
  • Seated single leg press
  • Hack squats on the machine
  • Machine squats

Nick Walker and Blessing Awodibu’s career trajectory so far

Both Nick Walker and Blessing Awodibu belong to the same generation of bodybuilders and belong to the class of newcomers that are challenging the established names in the Open Pro division. Walker earned his IFBB pro card with a first-place finish at the 2020 North American Championships. He has since won the 2021 New York Pro and the 2021 Arnold Classic within one year of earning the pro card. The New York Pro win earned him a spot at 2021 Mr. Olympia and Walker went on to finish fifth in his first-ever Olympia appearance.

While Walker was expected to have another strong showing at the 2022 Arnold Classic, he announced that he won’t be participating at the event also shared the reasons for the same. Walker is currently preparing for the 2022 Olympia and hopes to improve his standing even further this year.

On the other hand, Blessing Awodibu earned his IFBB pro card with the win at the 2017 IFBB Diamond Cup. He made his professional bodybuilding debut with a third-place finish at the 2021 Indy Pro. He next competed at the 2021 New York Pro where he developed a fierce rivalry with Nick Walker. The duo had multiple social media altercations in the lead-up to the contest but the rivalry never culminated into a stage battle. While Walker won the competition, Awodibu had to be content with a sixth spot.

Blessing Awodibu has taken extended time off from competition to improve his physique and tighten all the loose ends. However, his return date is not known. Furthermore, Awodibu and Walker have buried the hatchet and have become quite good training partners.


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