Nick Walker Shows Insane Physique And Tapered Waist At 295 Pounds


Nick Walker is looking crazy so far this offseason.

Nick Walker turned in an extremely impressive rookie season that proved he is one of the future stars in bodybuilding. In fact, he might be there already and is looking to take the next step in 2022. The Mutant recently shared a physique update where he is looking massive with a tapered waist at 295 pounds.

Walker took to Instagram to share a recent physique update and his bodyweight at the time of the picture. After the 2021 Olympia, Walker made it clear that he knows the improvements that he wanted to make in the offseason and is working to hit them all.


Nick Walker burst onto the scene winning the New York Pro last year. This earned him a qualification to the Olympia but he decided to take on the Arnold Classic as well. With the show moved to September because of the pandemic, Walker had time to prepare and took home the title in his first appearance. Two weeks later, he took on the Olympia and finished fifth.

While most competitors would be happy with a top-five finish at the biggest show of the year as a rookie, Walker considered this a loss and worked to improve. He did not appear at the Arnold Classic last week and has put all of his focus on the Olympia in December.

Nick Walker has started to train with Dom Supersliced. He made a recent switch from Matt Jansen, who was his coach during his successful rookie season. Having the right coach is something that can take an athlete or team to the next level. Bodybuilding is no exception. It is important for these competitors to be on a strict schedule and put themselves through the right routines to prepare.

Walker and his new coach recently trained chest and gave fans an insight on what workouts will be like. It is clear that Walker is interested in becoming one of the best in the world and showing it during the Olympia. There is still time to prepare for the competition at the end of the season. Nick Walker will make sure to put on a championship performance.

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