Nick Walker Shows Off Impressive V-Taper in Recent Physique Update


Nick Walker has an impressive v-taper.

Nick Walker reveals an impressive v-taper in a recent physique update on social media. The rising bodybuilding star looked strong as he maintained his waistline while building up the rest of his massive frame.

Nick Walker has been often criticized for his bulky and blocky physique. It was the reason so many gave for the talented bodybuilder taking fifth place at the 2021 Olympia. So many claim that the mass monster doesn’t possess the kind of silhouette that can make him an Olympia champion.

Well it appears that a recent physique update from the talented bodybuilder suggests the opposite is true.

Nick Walker has been hard at work trying to improve his physique since his showing at the 2021 Olympia. Hoping to still build muscle while keeping a slimmer waist, Walker appears to have pulled it off.

A recent post to his Instagram shows a much improved Nick Walker still in the midst of his off season. He looks massive yet is able to maintain a slim waistline. His front double bicep showcases the slimmed down waost as well as an impressive v-taper.


From what we can see here Nick Walker is doing a great job at building his frame while keeping his midsection under control. This must be quite the challenge. Considering that a bodybuilder needs to up their calories in order to build solid muscle, it can be easy to see their waistline expand in the midst of a bulk.

Despite that fact, Nick Walker is managing to keep a tight midsection and make good on his intentions to bulk while keeping his waist under control.

With this kind of improvement it’s clear that Walker will be a problem for anyone he goes up against in the near future.

What do you think of Nick Walker and his impressive v-taper?

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