Nick Walker Shows Off Insanely Tiny Waist Ahead of the Olympia


Nick Walker is showcasing an incredible midsection transformation weeks out.

Nick Walker is looking in top form ahead of the 2022 Olympia, showing off an incredibly improved midsection. Walker has to Moses to make major improvements to his midsection and it’s shows ahead of the big show.

After coming in fifth place at the 2021 Olympia, Nick Walker hit a bit of a crossroads. While he had a great deal of musculature on his frame and cut an imposing figure on stage, it just wasn’t enough to sway the judges in his favor. The key takeaway for Walker was that he needed to work on more than just building massive muscle. After all winning bodybuilding shows is more than about just presenting a hulking frame. You need to also display a level classical attributes, namely avoiding a blocky midsection.

Unfortunately for Nick Walker it would be his blocky midsection that would see him edged out by Hunter Labrada in the end. The two have had a friendly rivalry ever since which has helped pushed both men to the next level. Walker took it upon himself to seek out what his weaknesses were and make it his mission to attack it and turn things around.

From his most recent post on social media, Nick Walker has taken care of his prior weaknesses. In a physique update less than six weeks out from the 2022 Olympia, Walker displayed an incredibly small waist that is night and day from his form at last year’s show.


It’s clear that Nick Walker has put in the work to completely transform his midsection ahead of the Olympia. He saw the issues that he needed to change, he didn’t shy away from them, and as a result he is looking better than ever.

With under six weeks to go until the big show, Nick Walker is making a really good argument for potentially challenging the defending champion Big Ramy. But will this physique transformation be enough?

What do you think of Nick Walker and his latest update ahead the Olympia?

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