NPC Bodybuilder Sergio Fernandez Tragically Passes Away at 41


NPC Bodybuilder Sergio Fernandez has passed away. He was a formidable competitor and had made a huge impact with his contribution to the sport as well as other social activities. The 41-year-old bodybuilder was assaulted and shot to death in a robbery attempt after leaving the gym in the Naucalpan municipality in Mexico City. He is survived by his wife Alessa De Leon and a four-month-old son David. More details about the incident are yet to emerge.

An Instagram post on Sergio Fernandez’s personal account gave a tribute to him. It was a repost from his wife Alessa De Leon’s Instagram account.

“Who would have thought what would be our last picture together. What would be our final date, the last dessert. Our last family day, the last time you saw David’s face and how each time he moved and grew. Who would say it but I know that God has a purpose for our lives.

Thank you for giving me that last family outing, for always being on the lookout for us. Know that Nick is restless at home and wants to take a walk with us today in the park, know when he’s hungry, sleepy, uncomfortable from the diaper.

For that and more, I will always love you my darling, my life, my love,” the caption to the post read.

About Sergio Fernandez

After developing a passion for bodybuilding at a very young age, Sergio Fernandez started competing in the NPC in 2014. He finished first in the men’s heavyweight division at the NPC Europa Show Of Champions. He went on to compete in the division until 2018 and won the gold medal at the NPC Gainesville Classic and secured a silver medal finish at the Florida State Championships. During those shows, he also won a gold medal in the Masters over 40 division.


Sergio Fernandez competed against some of the IFBB pro competitors during their days with NPC and had a goal to take his career to the next level while also providing for his family. Fernandez also did excellent work off the stage. As a great public speaker, he liked to inspire others and worked as a contributing editor and motivational speaker. He was also a key figure for the Muscular Development Latino magazine as well as the website. He also trained other bodybuilders.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to raise funds for Sergio Fernandez’s funeral. The bodybuilding world has lost a truly inspiring figure with his passing. Fitness Volt sends condolences and wishes all the strength to his family and friends to cope with the loss of a loved one.

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