1. Jose Raymond

My diet is very lax during my off time after a contest. However, it is not what you might think. I don’t eat a tremendous amount of food because I’m just not that hungry when I’m not training and doing cardio. I don’t get too fat, but I’m a lot softer than I’d like to be. This downtime is really good for me mentally, and it allows me to be a normal person for a few months and not have to carry around Tupperware and skip social events, parties, ball games, etc. If I didn’t have this break, I am sure I would be miserable about halfway through the contest season!


2. Essa Obaid

I try to mix things up in the off-season and eat whatever I feel like. That being said, I’m not a big fan of junk food, so I still eat clean for most of my meals. I just don’t worry about eating something that’s not clean if and when I want to.


3. Jon De La Rosa

BCAAs are a supplement I take during my training only. I’m not sure how complicated I want to make things, and I’m pretty sure sticking to the basics works best. As for the need to take BCAAs between meals, I don’t really know how necessary that is as long as you’re getting adequate protein at all your meals.


4. Steve Kuclo

I don’t feel a shake is enough to properly fuel you for a workout. I wouldn’t train without at least one solid, substantial meal in my system. If you really can’t get up any earlier, then you should at the very least be having a piece of fruit with that shake, like an apple or maybe some fresh berries. Ideally, you should be having a full meal. Something like egg whites and oatmeal or Cream of Wheat wouldn’t take long to cook and eat, and it would start digesting rapidly enough so that you could train an hour later.


5. Dallas McCarver

The energy from the fats in the red meat does help with strength, but that’s not always the healthiest source of fats. You should try olive oil, coconut oil or maybe even almond butter. Those are all are good, healthy fats that always seem to help me with my energy levels.


6. Justin Compton

I never use a protein powder in my intra-workout shakes (during the workout), only post-workout. I feel that intra-workout, what is needed the most is carbs, so your body has a constant glycogen supply and steady energy throughout the workout.


7. Juan Morel

I don’t do shakes after my workout. I have a whole meal, because my workouts are very long and demanding. I’m usually starving by the time I’m done, and a shake doesn’t cut it for me. I eat eight ounces of ground beef and two cups of rice. That’s two cups cooked, just so you know. Two cups dry is a lot of rice for one meal, even for me.

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