Phil Heath Looks Monstrous During Chest, Shoulders, and Tricep Workout


Phil Heath continues to look huge during his days off the stage

Phil Heath Looks Monstrous During Chest, Shoulders, and Tricep Workout

Phil Heath has not competed since the 2020 Olympia but he has remained active in the gym. The 42-year-old bodybuilder has been rumored to make a return to the stage since that Olympia competition, where he finished third, but there is no plan as of yet. This does not mean that Heath is done training. He continues to look huge in a recent video sharing an incredible workout routine.

Heath took to Instagram and his YouTube page to share the workout. He focused primarily on chest but sprinkled in some shoulder and tricep work throughout the routine. Heath used machines and discussed they importance of eccentric work.

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Phil Heath began the workout with supersets of seated chest flyer and seated presses. This was a bit of a warmup before he started to intensify his actions. This continued with inclined bench presses but Heath decided to use a machine. He usually performs this movement on the hammer strength inclined bench press.

Heath continued with another superset of pec deck flies and seated chest press. This was a set to hit the lower chest and he did not take much time between for rest. Seated chest flyes completed the chest portion before moving onto shoulders. Lateral raises and front raise medleys were the two sets on the schedule for Heath.

During his career, Phil Heath was a monstrous competitor and this has continued during his time off the stage. He has the second most Olympia victories in history with seven. His last title came in 2017 before being named the runner-up in 2018. Heath took the 2019 competition off before finishing third in 2020. 

Heath ended his day with tricep pushdowns with a V-bar before giving some insight on training. He might not return to the stage but Heath’s passion and knowledge of bodybuilding is still there. This gives him a chance to share his wisdom with the next generation.

Fans will still continue to hope for Phil Heath to return to the stage but it seems like a long shot at this point. Now, he is focused on sharing huge workouts for others to try. This will allow him to help change the fortune of others and continue to improve the sport of bodybuilding.

You can watch the full video via Phil Heath’s channel right here:

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