PHOTOS: Brandon Curry Guest Posing At The 2022 Pittsburgh Pro


Brandon Curry gives fans a first look preview of his physique since the 2022 Arnold Classic

Brandon Curry took the stage for an epic guest posing routine at the 2022 Pittsburgh Pro – which was held this past weekend on May 7, 2022. The posing routine gave fans their first on-stage look of Curry since his victory at the 2022 Arnold Classic. Curry posed alongside Nick Walker, Hunter Labrada, and Derek Lunsford.

The Pittsburgh Pro is one of the more notable pro bodybuilding competitions of the year. This is due to the star studded guest posing routines that grace the stage in celebration of Jim Manion – president of the IFBB Pro and NPC league. Typically the biggest names in bodybuilding showcase their physiques on stage – including the current Mr. Olympia champion. This weekend was no different.

Most notable about Brandon Curry’s guest posing routine is that he would be showcasing his physique on the same night as Big Ramy. Ultimately, Ramy was a no-show. So we were unable to see that comparison. Ramy narrowly defeated Curry at the 2021 Mr. Olympia competition.

Brandon Curry won the Mr. Olympia title in 2019 but has been since shut out by Big Ramy over the past two years. However, with each competition Curry has slowly but steadily improved. In fact, his 2021 Mr. Olympia appearance might have been his beast yet – but was unable to edge past Big Ramy’s massive size.

Earlier this year, Brandon Curry competed in the 2022 Arnold Classic – where he faced off against William Bonac. The two were neck and neck for the entire weekend. Many predicted the win would go to Bonac. Ultimately, Curry took the first place prize. Since then, he has been focusing on prepping for the Mr. Olympia later this year in December. Of course, with a pitstop appearance at the Pittsburgh Pro.

Brandon Curry is one of the top names in contention to defeat Big Ramy at the 2022 Mr. Olympia. His consistency of his physique leaves fans confident that he can still be a true threat – especially if he further improves by this winter.

With the Mr. Olympia still seven months away, a lot can change from this guest posing routine and the final product. Only time will tell if Brandon Curry will step up and overcome Big Ramy or not. And that’s not accounting for the rising tide of younger athletes turning heads such as Nick Walker and Hunter Labrada. It will certainly be an interesting and exciting season of bodybuilding as it continues to unfold.

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