Powerlifter Julius Maddox Smokes 775 lbs (351.5 kg) Raw Squat Before Hitting An 820 lbs (372 kg) PR


Julius Maddox proves that he is a complete overall powerlifter with a 775 lbs (351.5 kg) squat

There is almost no doubt that Julius Maddox is the best bench presser currently, as he holds the Official World Record of 355 kg (782.6 lbs). It is because of his prowess in the bench press event, that a lot of people are not aware of the overall strength which Julius possesses. However, his recent Instagram post is a reminder to everyone that he does not neglect the other lifts. On April 5th, Julius Maddox shared a video in which he can be seen destroying a 775 lbs (351.5 lbs) squat. He used a Kabuki Strength transformer bar, which is not lighter than the usual bar but is more comfortable. This bar is multifunctional and safe to use. Julius also mentioned that he hit an 820 lbs (372 kg) Squat PR after, but didn’t post the video yet.

Julius Maddox did not use a lifting belt or any other equipment for this lift, which makes it completely raw. Although Julius did not post the 820 lbs (372 kg) squat PR, the speed of his 775 lbs lift was more than convincing that he is capable of going much heavier.

You can watch Julius Maddox’s squat here:

“Followed up with 820, which was sloppy but was a PR.”

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