Reasons Why Your Workout Program Sucks


Why Your Training Program Doesn’t Work

Ask around in your gym if people are satisfied with their workout program and results, and chances are most of them will tell you they can’t seem to make any gains. Many people follow the same vanilla workout program which isn’t any good.

Some people also underestimate the value of the right training program and are happy wasting their time following unscientific workout routines. If you don’t see any positive changes in your physique, you have come to the right place.

Doesn’t Follow A Balanced Approach

For a training program to be effective, it should have the right balance of different training principles. Your workout should maintain a balance between isolation and compound lifts, and volume and intensity. Depriving your body of any aspect can lead to a muscular imbalance.

Some people follow a workout which only has free weight exercises or doesn’t have any cardio included. In a balanced workout program, we look at our body with a broader perspective and work on the muscular, cardiovascular and central nervous system conditioning.

The Training Program Isn’t Personalized

Most people when they get a gym membership either start a generic training program or a program which isn’t suited for their level or goals. Following a generic workout program is like going to college and sitting for random classes which aren’t of your field.

While you might learn some things out of those classes, they will not help you in passing in your own subjects. If you want to succeed in the gym, you need to build your own training routine as per your goals.

If you can’t design your own training program, get the help of a professional. You also need to plan your training around your life. If you have an important life event coming, you might have to change your workout program to accommodate for the missed sessions or the extra calories you might consume. Keep all the variables in mind while selecting a training program.

No Scope For Adjustment With Progress

Many people follow the same program forever. They make no changes when they see the development or when there is no progress. After a period of time, your body gets used to your workouts and you need to make modifications to keep the muscles growing.

If you’re a beginner, you will need to upgrade your training program after 12-20 weeks of following the starter program. The fact that you need to constantly adjust your training program as per your progress stays true for intermediate and pro lifters alike.

Showing loyalty to the beginner’s program will keep you glued to the level. Monogamy shouldn’t be applied to training programs. You should always be on the lookout to upgrade your workout routine and take it to the next level.

Does Not Include Any Advanced Training Techniques

Using advanced training techniques are one of the key aspects of showing constant progress. You need to perform new exercises and techniques to constantly shock your muscles into growing.

Advanced training techniques like supersets, drop sets, intraset stretching, etc. should be a part of your workouts. Pull one of the techniques out of your exercise arsenal in every workout to ignite new muscle growth.

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