Schiek: Big Ramy’s Favorite Lifting Partner


As one of the most popular bodybuilders on the planet, Big Ramy is a man who knows how to shake things up and make an entrance. His penchant for making jaws drop was apparent from the early days of his professional career. Take the 2013 New York Pro, for example. Many saw this prestigious show as a comeback win for fan favorite Victor Martinez – but Big Ramy had other ideas. Something happened out of the blue – or out of the Middle East, to be exact. Big Ramy walked onstage, and the city that never sleeps hadn’t seen such a beast since King Kong shimmied up the Empire State Building to clean a few windows. Big Ramy won the New York Pro in 2013 and again in 2014.

Big Ramy has continued to stun bodybuilding fans not just with his huge muscle size, but also with his balance and shape and a waist taper unusual for most pros belonging to the mass-monsters club. He placed second at the 2017 Mr. Olympia and won the Arnold Classic Europe the same year.

When Big Ramy strode out on stage at the 2020 Arnold Classic, jaws dropped once again. Big Ramy was 300 pounds of crushing muscle mass, and was awarded the new Franco Columbu Most Muscular Award.

One of the keys to Big Ramy’s enduring success is the equipment he uses in the gym to build his massive physique. When Big Ramy prepares to battle the biggest and best in the world, he has Schiek Sports on his side. Schiek has long been the preferred brand of lifting belts, gloves and other accessories among the world’s top pro bodybuilders, including four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler and seven-time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath. Add Big Ramy to that roster of satisfied consumers.

“Schiek makes the best of the best in lifting belts, gloves, straps, wraps, sleeves and more!” Big Ramy said proudly.

Big Ramy uses Schiek’s versatile 1900 Ultimate Grips, which can be used for both pulling and pushing exercises and act as a lifting strap, grip pad and wrist support all in one. He also wears a 2006 Digi Camo Lifting Belt, which features Schiek’s three patents including a one-way Velcro closure, a downward angle to fit the natural shape of your back, and a hip and rib contour for added comfort. The lifting belts come with a two-year warranty and are proudly made in the USA.

Now that Big Ramy is working with a new coach, Chad Nicholls, and has the preeminent line of lifting belts and equipment in the industry to help him train his hardest, look for Big Ramy-fications as Mamdouh Mohammed Hassan Elssbiay continues his upward trajectory as he fights for and wins the biggest titles in pro bodybuilding.

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