Seth Feroce Shares A Brutal But Effective High-Intensity Functional Training Workout


IFBB Pro bodybuilder, weightlifter, and fitness star Seth Feroce recently shared a high-intensity functional training workout. Feroce is an unstoppable force that went from amateur to professional bodybuilding within a calendar year and won a pro show to take the bodybuilding world by storm. Although he has not competed in almost a decade, Seth Feroce carries an incredibly muscular physique.

Feroce has trained as a bodybuilder for quite some time. However, he has routinely used vegan or meat-free diets and high-intensity training of CrossFit to maintain fitness and health. Feroce is also a vocal critic of the bodybuilding lifestyle and steroid use. Recently, Feroce shared a complete functional training workout aimed at improving overall fitness and functional strength on his YouTube channel.

Seth Feroce explained that during his days as a competitive bodybuilder, he carried a massive 240lbs frame. While he was aesthetically pleasing, it limited his ability to perform physical activities. With a goal to look and feel good, he started with high-intensity functional training.

“I gotta go hiking too at some point. I’m going bear hunting in June,” Seth Feroce said.


Seth Feroce goes through the high-intensity workout

Feroce usually starts his workout by running on a treadmill or going for a quarter-mile outdoor run. However, he started this workout with sprints on an indoor turf in the gym. The turf was 15 yards long and Feroce warmed up with a total of ten sprints along the length to start the day. The high-intensity functional workout included three rounds of exercises that consisted of:

  • 15-yard Sprints – 5 back-and-forth rounds
  • Spiderman (Sidekick) push-up / Push-ups with mountain climbers – 10 each leg, 20 total push-ups
  • Pull-ups – 10 reps
  • Handstand push-ups – 10 reps
  • Sit-Ups – 10 reps
  • Squat Presses / Back Squats – 10 reps
  • Sled push with 3 plates – 15 yards
  • Sled pull with 3 plates – 15 yards
  • Burpees over the bag – 15 reps

“These workouts everybody… they’re supposed to be catered to you to build into something. Don’t get overwhelmed with I gotta do it within a certain period of time or I gotta do it just like Seth. No, you’ve gotta find a baseline. If you can start, start with one set and then work into two and three and so forth,” Seth Feroce advised at the beginning of the workout.

Feroce shares his training goals in the near future

After the first two rounds, Seth Feroce reiterated that bodybuilding and being in good shape is a journey that takes place over a period of time and advised to stay patient with the routine. Feroce then went on to give an update about his health and stated that he weighs in the 210lbs range as of now which is considerably lighter than the 248lbs he weighed at the peak of his bodybuilding career. While speaking about his health issues in recent times, Seth Feroce said:

“My goal is to be as healthy as possible. I had a health scare last year… tore my triceps, got blood work done and it was really bad. Through this transition of getting off a massive amount of steroids, finding a good HRT clinic and just continuing my path of being a better version of myself, it’s a process.”

He is currently in the process of the HWMF transformation challenge and hopes to weigh below 200lbs in the next six-and-a-half weeks. Heading into the third round, Seth Feroce admitted that his form and technique take a hit after he gets fatigued and highlighted the need to work on improving those aspects.

Seth Feroce completed the demanding third round and advised everyone to follow their own goals and not try to replicate his own workout.

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