Steve Kuclo Shares Physique Update Ahead Of Texas Pro, Tells Competition “We Will See You Saturday”


Steve Kuclo is ready, mentally and physically, for his appearance at the 2022 Texas Pro.

Steve Kuclo is looking to keep the momentum of the previous two years going during the 2022 Texas Pro. Just days away from the competition, Kuclo shared a physique update and sent a message to the Men’s Open division.

Kuclo is looking to earn a ticket to his seventh Olympia competition. Over the years, he has taken a step up and has competed with some of the best in the world. This began in 2021, when he finished as the runner-up in this very show and third at the 2021 Arnold Classic. In 2022, Kuclo finished third at the 2022 Arnold Classic once again.

Kuclo last competed in Boston, where he finished third at the 2022 Boston Pro. He is looking  to bring his best package to the stage against a talented card at the Texas Pro.

Steve Kuclo: “212, 250, 300…It Don’t Matter”

In a recent Instagram post, Steve Kuclo is seen performing a cable exercise before hitting a most muscular pose. He then moved to a dumbbell exercise and showed off the incredible mass of his back.

Kuclo has been sharing physique updates for followers ahead of the Texas Pro but this time, he felt confident enough to send a message.


Steve Kuclo did not compete during the 2022 Tampa Pro last week but four of the top-six finishers from the show will compete in Texas. Kamal Elgargni turned heads during his Men’s Open debut as he finished as the runner-up to Akim Williams. Many thought Elgargni should have been crowned the champion but he will quickly return to the stage. This is a battle to watch come the weekend.

Andrew Jacked is also preparing to compete this weekend. He has been sharing many physique updates as he trains with some of the best of all-time, including Flex Wheeler. Jacked has shown off some incredible size and conditioning in the gym and is ready to take it to the stage.

This year’s Texas Pro is shaping up to be an exciting competition because of the athletes hat are expected to appear. When it is all said and done, Steve Kuclo believes he has the physique to take home the title and qualify for the Olympia.

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