Strongman Terry Hollands Prepping For Another Bodybuilding Show, Gives Physique Update


Having won the titles of English Strongest Man, UK’s Strongest Man, and Britain’s Strongest Man, Terry Hollands‘ résumé in the sport speaks for itself. The Strongman has been undergoing a body transformation to continue his budding bodybuilding career, and a recent physique update suggests the new career choice is treating his body well. 

Terry Hollands is a proven force in the world of Strongman competitions. However, his ability to compete in Strongman was put on hold after his latest stint at the 2021 World’s Strongest Man competition. In particular, the Englishman was forced to withdraw from 2021 WSM because of an injury he received during the first event of the contest. Following Hollands’ withdrawal, the Strongman indicated that he would likely be stepping away from WSM contests for good but left the door open for other types of competitions.

Terry Hollands has made an impact in Strongman that won’t soon be forgotten. However, with a recent desire to try his hand in bodybuilding, the avid competitor took his services to a new realm of sports, and the results are impressive already. The rising bodybuilder admits that he won a novice show and placed second in a number of other categories.

Terry Hollands Has The Tools To Make An Impact In Bodybuilding

With his recent foray into a new sport, the former Strongman competitor shared a physique update on Instagram as he prepares for his next bodybuilding show. Eventually, the weight that Hollands carried following a number of Strongman competitions became too much to keep up with. Once Terry Hollands realized his quality of life was being affected by his size, he felt a change was in order.

“Couple of pics of current status on bb prep no 2
So this was first thing this morning, no food, no pump or anything.
Starting to look like an off season bb again.
I wish my abs would hurry up and fully come out on show but I know its a marathon not a sprint.” Terry Hollands shared on Wednesday.


Making the transition from Strongman competitions to bodybuilding competitions demands major physical changes to a physique. The journey and transformation have been difficult. With a current weight of 146kg, Hollands will compete in the Master’s category and maybe in Men’s Open as well at the end of April.

Hollands opted to decline an invite to the 2019 World’s Strongest Man to focus on bodybuilding. It seems his decision was not in vain either. After competing in his first bodybuilding show in 2019, Hollands earned first place in the Beginners category, second in the Master’s category, and then, second in the Open Super Heavyweight category. This qualified Terry Hollands for the 2brospro British Finals, however, he decided not to participate because of other commitments. All in all, the future appears to be bright for Hollands’ bodybuilding career.

As Terry Hollands continues his amazing physique transformation, it appears he’s headed to another bodybuilding stage sooner rather than later. After seeing the steady improvements in conditioning from Terry Hollands’ physique update, the bodybuilder looks to be on track for a big year in his new sport. 

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