The 5 Best Machines For Getting Shredded


The 5 Best Machines For Getting Shredded

With the evolution of bodybuilding, researchers have come up with ways to speed up the process of gaining muscle mass with the help of better nutrition and advanced training techniques. Over the years machines used in the gyms have gotten better.

Using machines can help you achieve your desired results while preventing injuries. Many bodybuilders use machines while preparing for competitions to avoid injuries. Machines are great for beginners as they limit the range of motion and avoids recruiting muscle stabilizers.

These are the 5 Best Machines

1. Cable Crossover Machine

Cable crossover station is one of the most important equipment in a gym. You can do a variety of exercises targeting chest muscle groups on this machine. If your gym doesn’t have a cable crossover machine, you should start looking for a new gym.

Using cables has a different effect on your muscles as compared to using free weights. You have constant tension on your muscles during the eccentric and concentric movement while using the cables.

2. Smith Machine

Smith machine is another gym essential. It is a great equipment for people who can’t perform exercises like the bench press or squats due to problems like joint pains. The smith machine avoids recruiting secondary muscle groups as your path of motion is fixed.

The smith machine is great at developing your lagging muscles as it limits your movement. Let us say you have a overdeveloped glutes and weak quads. You can eliminate your glute recruitment and focus entirely on your quads by placing your feet in front of you.

adductor exercises

3. Pec Fly Machine

The pec deck machine is nearly as effective as the bench press in activating the pectoralis major. Using the pec fly machine will help you in maintaining constant tension on your inner chest. This machine is a must for people who want striations and separation in their chest.

You can also work your rear delts on the pec fly machine. Sit with your chest against the pad to target your rear deltoids. Rear delts are a weak muscle group for most people. They make it even worse by not training them often.

4. Leg Press

You will hardly see a gym without a leg press machine. The leg press machine can help you in building muscle mass and strength in your lower body. The leg press also happens to be one of the most abused machines in a gym.

Many people load the machine with more weight than they can handle. You will see the best results while using the leg press machine by following a full range of motion. Excessive weight puts stress on your lower back and can result in an injury if you fail a rep.

5. Hammer Strength

Hammer strength is one the best equipment for training your chest. The hammer strength is incredibly effective for people who can’t bench press for some reason. Pros use this machine while preparing for a contest or during muscle rehab.

You target the same muscles while using the hammer strength as you do during the bench press. As you are in a leveraged position, you can use heavier weights on the hammer strength as compared to the flat bench press.

Which is your favorite machine?

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