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Karina Irby
Photo via @karinairby Instagram

Karina Irby is an entrepreneur, designer, and social media celebrity who loves to be open with fans. She first became popular when she was promoting her bikini line.

Below is a complete breakdown of Karina Irby’s profile, stats, biography, training and diet regimens.

Full Name: Karina Irby
Weight Height Date Of Birth
130-140 lbs. 5’5” 11/02/1989
Profession Era Nationality
Entrepreneur, Designer, Social Media Celebrity 2010 Australian


Karina Irby
Photo via @karinairby Instagram


Karina Irby was always active growing up and spent a lot of time outside doing a host of activities. Being on the coast, she was always at the beach and sought to maintain a great physique, so fitness always was something she felt was necessary, and something she wanted to do.

Being so familiar with bathing suits and bikinis, she took an entrepreneurial mindset and started a bikini line, trying to make premium swimwear so others could be comfortable wherever they were. Here is where her social media began to blossom as more and more attention was given to the brand. Plus, she would act as a model for the product at times.

As her brand grew, so too did her popularity and she now works to promote her swimwear line while also being an inspiration for others to follow what they want to do.


Realizing she needed a good mix of weightlifting and cardio to tone her physique, she needed to find the right balance in order to do so. For weightlifting she will perform both compound and isolation movements and for cardio, she will do a mix of longer, steady state work and higher intensity interval training.

Glute Workout

  • Plank Shoulder Taps
  • Side Plank Twists
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Air Squat With Twist
  • Squats To Jumps


Karina always looks to choose those healthy options when dealing with her diet. Eating regularly is something she focuses on to constantly fuel her body throughout the day. She also puts an emphasis on meal prepping to save time and energy so everything is ready to go. Foods she focuses on are things like lean meats and the occasional beef for protein and plenty of tropical and citrus fruits as they offer great benefits as well as taste.


While Karina has her own supplements she chooses from to improve training, performance, and her health, knowing which supplements can work for you and your bodybuilding goals can offer the best results. Karina utilizes a premium fat burner to help burn stored fat, suppress appetite and cravings, and boost metabolism to burn more calories as you look to shred and lose unwanted fat for that desired physique.

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