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Simeon Panda is a bodybuilder and fitness model who knows all about health and fitness, and his physique is further proof. With a dedicated work ethic and hardworking attitude, Simeon has amassed a massive following on social media where he promotes himself and his health and fitness advice for those seeking it.

Below is a complete breakdown of Simeon Panda’s profile, stats, biography, training, and diet regimens.

Full Name: Simeon Panda
WeightHeightDate Of Birth
225-235 lbs.6’1’’05/28/1986
Bodybuilder, Fitness Model2010British
Simeon Panda
Photo via @simeonpanda Instagram


Simeon Panda’s journey all started in London, England. Active as a kid, he struggled with being too skinny at times and sought to make a change to a more muscular physique. As he got older, he bounced from job to job, holding a host of positions as he navigated through life in attempts to find his niche.

When he fell in love with training, he realized he could make a career out of it and used his love of working out to not only better himself, but the lives of those around him. What started as blog posts has since grown into a full blown website full of apparel, training tips, and lifting guides so others can be as jacked as he is.

Now a bodybuilder, fitness coach, and entrepreneur, he has amassed a social media following of nearly 8 million subscribers and has since made the move to Los Angeles to pursue acting. With warm weather, close proximity to everything so he can operate a more efficient business, and being in the entertainment hub of America, Panda continues to better himself as well as others in his pursuit for optimal health and fitness.


Simeon works with many routines to continue to craft his shredded physique. Whether it be free weights, machines, or more circuit style workouts, Simeon is able to challenge his muscles and give them a real burn for the most effective growth possible.

What you will find from Simeon are typically workouts that do include heavy lifts to build larger muscle, however, for something like a fat burning circuit, more intense movements like high knees, mountain climbers, burpees, and plank rolls, are never out of the question.

Simeon Panda
Photo via @simeonpanda Instagram


Like all bodybuilders and fitness models, Simeon puts a real emphasis on his diet. Eating only the best foods possible, what you will find with Simeon is a great balance of macronutrients and those whole foods sure to fire you up to see the best gains possible.

Foods like chicken, tuna, salmon, and other lean meats make up his protein intake. For carbs, you will see oats, whole grain rice, and sweet potato, among other healthy carb sources. To round it out with fats, foods like avocados and those fish sources provide omega-3’s and a healthy source of fats for the best gains possible.


While Simeon uses his own supplements of choice to power his workouts, as well as growth and recovery, there are some staple products on a bodybuilder’s shelf. A protein powder is perfect for seeing gains and will work to pump you with vital protein to aid in things like muscle growth, recovery, and even weight loss.

A pre-workout supplement will provide for serious energy and muscle pumps so you can take full advantage of every workout without suffering from unwanted fatigue. A shredded aesthetic does not come easy and fat burners can be game changers for they will kickstart your metabolism, suppress your appetite, and allow for the more calorie burn to give you the best benefits possible.

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