The Craig Golias Muscle Building Program To Increase Overall Size


Try this muscle building program from Craig Golias to increase your overall strength and size.

Craig Golias is a massive specimen, always pushing his body to the max to see the best gains possible. His massive physique has gained him notoriety online and in the bodybuilding world. Fans love to see how big he can get and just what might be possible out of Craig and his fitness lifestyle.

For those of us looking to increase our strength and size with an impressive mass building workout, looking to someone like Craig Golias should be immediate. With so many workouts online, and so many influencers telling you what the “golden ticket” to gains looks like, going to those bodybuilders and folks in the bodybuilding world for advice is paramount to see the best growth. They have done the work all before and are living proof of what can happen when you work hard, grind away, and give yourself the best chance at seeing those gains you want most.

Craig has gained a lot of attention for his desire to be massive and see the best gains possible. The right mass building program, including diet and training, allows Craig the chance to see massive gains and build the most amount of mass possible.

Full Name: Craig Golias
WeightHeightDate Of Birth
310+ lbs.6’3’’02/07/1983
Bodybuilder, Fitness Model2000, 2010American
Craig Golias
Photo via @craiggolias Instagram

About Craig Golias

Craig Golias was a rather small child, and that tall and thin fame carried him into his teen years. As he began to develop, he started lifting weights and prioritizing nutrition more. He instantly fell in love and all he wanted to do was lift.

He began growing more and more in size and has become somewhat of an icon in the bodybuilding community of what it looks like to be absolutely huge. While he used to compete competitively, he now seeks to see just how big he can get. A following online and his presence known to those in the bodybuilding and fitness community, you can see him on some of our Generation Iron Exclusive Interviews talking about bodybuilding, workouts tips, and more.

Craig Golias
Photo via @craiggolias Instagram


What is impressive about Craig is that he has a small waist while still coming it at around 310+ lbs. While some of this involves genetics, what you will find is that he puts a real emphasis on the right training and mass building plan so he in fact can still develop that massive physique while still maintaining a smaller waist.

Let’s take a look at some mass building workouts from Craig involving all body parts so we get the best growth possible and build as much mass as possible.

Legs Workout

This legs workout from Craig will build that lower body mass and allow for the best gains so you balance out your lower body and your overall physique.

Hack Squats/ Smith Machine Squats2-34-6
Lying Leg Curls2-34-6
Standing Calf Raise4-54-6
Seated Calf Raise2-34-6

Lats Workout

Developing those wing-like lats can be difficult, but with the right approach to a mass building back workout, you will find those wider, more defined lats can really develop your overall physique.

Weighted Wide-Grip Pull-Ups2-34-6
Bent Over Barbell Row4-54-6
Narrow Grip T-Bar Row2-34-6
Chest Supported Row4-58-12
Narrow Grip Low Pulley Cable Row2-38-12
Wide Grip Pull Down4-58-12

Chest, Biceps & Triceps

Who doesn’t love to work their upper body vanity muscles? This muscle and mass building plan from Craig puts a focus on these muscles for what they can do for your overall physique while making that upper body something amazing.

Incline Barbell Bench Press4-58-12
Flat Machine Chest Press2-38-12
Incline Dumbbell Fly2-38-12
Cable Crossovers/Pec Deck2-38-12
Narrow Grip Bench Press2-38-12
Seated Overhead EZ Bar Triceps Extension2-38-12
Single Arm Cable Press Downs2-38-12
EZ Bar Preacher Curl2-38-12
Standing Alternating DB Hammer Curl2-38-12
High Pulley Single Arm Bicep Curl2-38-12


We can’t forget our shoulders and by building up our shoulders, we form those boulders so our arms pop and our upper body looks bigger than it may be.

DB Shoulder Press4-58-12
Standing DB Side Lateral Raise2-38-12
Standing EZ Bar Front Lateral Raise2-38-12
Bent Over DB Rear Delt Lateral Raise2-38-12
Cable EZ Bar Upright Row2-38-12
Rope Face Pulls2-38-12


None. Craig doesn’t exactly partake in cardio exercises and instead focuses on seeing gains from his lifts and diet.

Craig Golias
Photo via @craiggolias Instagram

Nutrition & Diet

When it comes to nutrition and diet, Craig eats well and puts an emphasis on those whole foods and the right balance of all those macronutrients. Despite his lack of cardio, Craig still has a defined midsection, which is interesting because cardio often helps with this. However, Craig only really eats about 3-4 meals a day. While he notes genetics does play a role, consuming not as many calories allows for fat burn from his intense lifts.

As Craig looks to get back into heavy lifting and mass building, he will bump up to about 5-6 meals a day to ensure the proper fuel to see it all happen.

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