The Many Exercises To Perform On A Pull-Up Bar For Gains


Take a look at all of these great exercises to perform with just a pull-up bar.

When it comes to our workouts, we often stick to the same exercises, and for some us that involves a pull-up bar, but for others maybe not. We are comfortable and know exactly what to do when it comes to working out. But switching up our workouts and taking advantage of certain things in the gym can lead to serious growth we want to see most.

Machines and free weights are great ways to increase strength and size, but sometimes we fail to realize that bodyweight workouts, and especially those performed with a pull-up bar, can make or break some of our gains. Whether they be upper body muscles, like our biceps and back, or those core oriented exercises, a pull-up bar and the movements performed with it are too great to ignore.

The benefit to pull-up bars is while there are those industrial ones in the gym, you can get a home pull-up bar no problem. Able to fit in your doorframe, these will support your weight and offer those great benefits similar to what you would find in the gym. It just takes knowing what exercises to focus on to really take advantage of a great workout and overall better gains.

Let’s take a look at pull-up bars and see what makes this piece of equipment so great. Able to build serious gains, a pull-up bar is something to absolutely consider and can greatly enhance not only your workouts by adding variety, but also your overall physique.

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Benefits Of A Pull-Up Bar

A pull-up bar is one of those pieces of equipment that will greatly enhance all areas of your gains. When it comes to benefits, you can’t go wrong with a great pull-up bar. Benefits include:

  • Increased strength: Performing pull-ups and chin-ups are great ways to build strength and size for a shredded aesthetic.
  • Enhance grip strength: Grip strength is very important for functional movements, as well as those big lifts, and pull-up bars require strict attention to grip.
  • Better posture: Posture is everything and by working muscles that support better posture you will sit upright, walk taller, and have more confidence.
  • Get that V-shape: Pull-ups work the lats to a great extent which have great control in forming that desired V-shape for a more defined midsection.
  • Convenient: With a pull-up bar in your home, you can enjoy a workout whenever you want to really boost your gains.
Pull Up Bar Exercises Generation Iron

Best Pull-Up Bar Exercises

Let’s take a look at some of the best exercises to perform when using a pull-up bar. A nice mix of upper body and core exercises will beef up your overall physique and allow you to take full advantage of what a great pull-up bar can do for all your goals.

Upper Body Exercises

Here are some upper body exercises, meaning working your arms and back, that will help enhance your overall physique for the better.

  • Traditional Pull-Ups

Pull-ups are a great way to build your lats while also giving your arms some love. These are not only perfect for sport specific, but also those more functional movements as well. Plus, there are great variations to perform mostly changing the grip. This works your muscles differently.

Variations: Close-Grip, Wide-Grip, Neutral Grip

  • Chin-Ups

Chin-ups are nice because they are like the “reverse” pull-ups. What you will find is your grip is switched with a little more focus on your biceps. But you still see good work done with your back as well.

  • Muscle-Ups

A challenging exercise, we’ve all seen people perform a muscle-up. Requiring great strength, but also plenty of balance, what you will find is this exercise is a great way to show off your gains and your skill to all those watching.

Core Exercises

We all want that six-pack and the right exercises can greatly enhance our midsection so we see a shredded physique unfold.

  • Toes Above The Bar

For this exercise, you want to hang from the bar and bring your legs straight up so they touch the bar. This will challenge your stability and core strength and give you a nice burn.

  • Hanging Knee Raise

This will see you hanging from the bar as you bring your knees to about chest level. A real test of grip, you will develop grip strength while also building abdominals.

  • L-Sit

The L-sit is a great one where you hang, feet out parallel to the ground, and work on stability. This also has great variations to try that require a bit more movement.

Variations: L-Sit Flutter Kicks, L-Sit Scissors

  • Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers will challenge you as you bring your legs side to side while hanging from the bar. This will target all of those ab muscles so you develop that six-pack while also working towards your obliques.

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Does A Pull-Up Bar Ultimately Lead To Gains?

Absolutely. A pull-up is the perfect piece of equipment to help you see gains and greatly influence your gains for the better. Able to build muscle and support those bodyweight workouts, a pull-up bar is perfect for your home gym. By working your body in a different way, and allowing your muscles to be repeatedly challenged, what you will find is a great workout that is convenient and versatile, perfect for seeing actual gains.

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Wrap Up

pull-up bar is the perfect piece of equipment able to help tackle those muscle building goals. With the right workout and the best exercises, you can build those upper body muscles and work to tackle those core exercises with no problem to you at all. By focusing on a product that is durable and high-quality, you won’t ever have to worry about longevity. Even with a market so saturated, there are companies prioritizing quality so you see the best gains. Check out some great pull-up bars and see what they can do for you.

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