These Are The Most Underrated Gym Exercises


Underutilized Exercises That Need To Try Today

No two exercises are created equal. Some exercises have gained a cult following and most people choose them over all the other options. There are some lifts which aren’t widely popular but can give you incredible results.

You should give these lifts a try as adding variety to your workouts can ignite growth by shocking your muscles. Warning – these exercises might look easy but will leave you on your knees by the end of the workout.

Rolling Barbell Chest Flyes

For this exercise, you’ll need two barbells. You need to place a 45lb plate at both the ends of the barbells. Get in position by placing the barbells at your sides so that they’re parallel to each other.

Slowly roll out the barbell mimicking the motion of dumbbell flyes. Extend your arms until your chest is a couple of inches off the floor. Return to the starting position by bringing the barbells close together and squeeze your pecs at the top of the movement.

Inverted Rows

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t always need to use weights to train your muscles optimally. The inverted rows train your lats, mid and upper back. You could perform this exercise in a squat rack, smith machine or with TRX straps.

Most people make the mistake of using momentum while performing the exercise. You need to be in total control throughout the movement and need to lift and lower your body at the same speed.

bicep workout

Zotterman Curls

Zotterman curls are a complete arm builder and you’ll hardly see anyone every performing this lift. This exercise should be a part of your arsenal as it trains both the heads of your biceps and your forearms.

At the start of the exercise, your palms should be facing each other. Curl the dumbbells as you raise them to your shoulders. Rotate your wrists to a pronated grip as you lower the weights to the starting position.

Bodyweight Extensions

The bodyweight extensions might look easy but your triceps will be asking for mercy by the end of the exercise. You can use a fixed barbell or a bench, and the height of the surface will depend on your experience level.

Grab a barbell with a shoulder wide grip and get in a push-up position. Slowly lower your body towards the barbell by bending at your elbows. The exercise should feel like the skullcrushers but instead of a barbell, you’ll be using your bodyweight.

Sissy Squats

Do not let the name fool you. There is nothing sissy about this movement. The teardrop in the quads can be one of the most stubborn muscles to develop. Sissy squats are a brutal exercise that can help in accentuating the conditioning of your quads.

Stand with your heels elevated shoulder-width apart. Slightly bend backwards creating a straight line with your body from your knees to your neck. Begin to lean your body backward as you bend at the knees going as low as you can without losing balance. Return to the starting position and repeat for the recommended reps.

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