Tip: Negative Rep Neutral Grip Pull-Up


Chin-ups are the absolute king of upper body movements. Not the bench press. They provide far more benefits, affecting the health of the shoulder joint, development of the entire back, strengthening the core, and creating a pleasing V-taper and building biceps in the process.

Using a neutral grip (palms facing one another) keeps you even further out of harm’s way by keeping the wrists happy – many muscular lifters have issues with supine grip chin-ups due to the twisting force they places on the elbow joint.

This is a movement almost everyone needs to be doing, using full range of motion. Yeah, I’m talking to you, half-reppers who load lifting belts with 90 pounds and never break 90 degrees in either direction. Lighten up the load and get 10 good quality reps. And when that gets easy, manipulate the tempo (lower slowly etc.)

If you’re one of the poor souls who can’t do a single pull-up, then approach things the right way by starting with eccentrics. Emphasizing the negative rep will recruit your strongest muscle fibers and make them stronger over time.

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