Make sure you button down all of these details so you don’t sabotage your success:

  1. Apply your bronzer and whatever else outside in the sun if possible. Exposure to the sun and the heatwill increase your vascularity.
  2. Take a towel with you to the show. Trust me, you’ll need it.
  3. Bring a small space heater with you. Most venues have outlets available, and a space heater can help you get warmed up and become vascular before heading onstage.
  4. Don’t wear light-colored posing trunks. If bronzer gets on them, you’ll look, well, silly.
  5. Wear a dark-colored baggy sweater and sweatpants to the competitors’ meeting on the morning of the show. This’ll keep you warm and increase your vascularity. The dark clothing will also prevent it from looking like you just mud-wrestled a sewer inspector if any Dream Tan should happen to rub off on it.
  6. When pumping up before show time, perform exercises in a circuit fashion starting with delts, then chest, then back, then biceps, then repeat. Use higher repetitions (10-15) with lighter weights. Pace: moderate. Bodyweight squats work well, too.
  7. Don’t “over-pump” a body part. Doing so may cause that body part to appear less defined. It also might be harder to flex.
  8. If it’s warm out, pump up outside.
  9. When onstage, relax. Look confident. If you look like you think you should win the show, the judges just might agree with you.
  10. Enjoy the experience. It’ll be over before you know it.
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