Top 4 Things All Lifters Should Be Capable Of Doing


Are you a real lifter?

Many bodybuilders think it’s simply good enough to get themselves in tip top shape. You build massive muscle, cut away fat to reveal that exceptional musculature, and everything is golden, right? At least it is if you’re satisfied with simply looking the part of an athletic behemoth. But it shouldn’t be good enough to simply look the part, you should want to be just as strong and capable as your physique would suggest.

You’ve seen plenty of those kinds of bodybuilders. Men and women who look amazing, but when they’re put to the test they’re all closer to weak kittens than to what their physiques would suggest. If you’re hoping to not only build a physique that looks superhuman, but have the attributes of a truly athletic lifter, then you’re going to want to aim for these specific goals while traveling the road of a bodybuilder.

1. Bench Press Own Body Weight

First thing’s first, if you want to be considered a lifter with any merit then you should be able to bench press your own body weight. While many are incapable of doing so because of lack of strength, the vast majority who can’t usually have the trouble because they lack the technical fortitude to pull off the lift. If your grip is too wide you won’t have the leverage to complete the lift, if your grip is too narrow then your arms won’t be in the position to optimize your strength and push the weight up from your chest. The benefits are lifting your own body weight on the bench press means building functional power and strength that can be translated over to other pushing movements such as push ups and even punching power.

2. Deadlift Double Own Body Weight

For any of you that may not know this, deadlifting twice your body weight is a fairly standard goal that many fitness trainers set for their clients. So it should definitely be on your list of goals to accomplish as an athletic lifter. Obviously you won’t start out being able to lift twice your body weight, but it’s a goal to be set and a fairly common one at that. Being able to perform a deadlift of this nature translates over to overall athletic performance. You become more explosive and powerful and eventually once you’ve hit your goal of lifting double your body weight it will be only natural that you’ll look to achieve greater numbers. But even if you don’t, the benefits are extremely apparent and you’ll be as strong as an ox.

body squat

3. 30 Second Bodyweight Squat and Hold

Why should this be one of your goals as a lifter? Well, if you know anything about training then you’ll know that the squat is the king of all exercises. Being able to hold a deep and static squat for thirty seconds without using your hands of falling will certainly offer some insight into how athletic your lower body is. If you’re unable to perform this movement then it means there’s still work to be done in order to strengthen the lower half of your body.

4. Farmer’s Walk Own Bodyweight

Being able to farmer’s walk your own body weight is pretty telling of your overall athletic ability. A farmer’s walk can build functional strength throughout your arms, particularly your forearms, as well as the rest of your body. It strengthens the stabilizers and also helps to improve your overall conditioning. It’s definitely a goal that should be aimed for. There’s nothing more important than functional strength after all and like the other goals on this list, being able to not only lift but carry your own body weight for a distance is highly beneficial.

What are your fitness and bodybuilding goals?

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