Try This Big Neechi Biceps & Triceps Workout For Greater Growth


Pump those bis and tris with this awesome workout from Big Neechi.

Neechi Sosa, better known as Big Neechi, is a celebrity bodybuilder known for his lifestyle, content, and massive physique. He has been featured in many GI exclusive interviews and was also featured in Strength Wars: The Movie. He understands fitness and seeks to use social media as a tool to promote himself and inspire others.

For those of us looking to really capitalize on gains, it can be a waste of time to just flounder through and not see results. So, why waste our time doing that? Taking notes and seeking the best advice from professionals is exactly what we need to only see the best growth possible. With our bodybuilding goals in mind, it only makes sense to look to other bodybuilders to find and seek out the best possible tips so we can look like them. Plus, they are living proof of what those workouts can do.

As a popular figure in the online bodybuilding world, Big Neechi knows just what it takes to push himself and capitalize on many great exercises with the best gains possible. On top of training, nutrition and supplementation are important, but nothing beats having a well-rounded workout in your training plan. Especially one designed to boost all areas of your growth and give your arms that bulging look you need most.

Full Name: Neechi “Big Neechi” Sosa
WeightHeightDate Of Birth
215-225 lbs.5’10”10/31/1991
Trainer, Fitness Influencer2010American

Let’s get into this Big Neechi workout and see just how he pumps those bis and tris to see the best results possible. With the right approach and the best exercises, plus a mindset that only fuels gains, this workout is sure to give you results like Big Neechi himself so you look and feel your best.

Big Neechi
Photo via @bigneechi Instagram

About Big Neechi

Big Neechi started working out at a young age and quickly fell in love with it. While in junior high school, he broke the high school bench press record and with his sheer strength and winning mindset, football teams and scholarship opportunities came knocking. However, his potential football career ended abruptly and he was left to seek out something else.

He fell back into what he loved, being lifting, and his passion only grew more and more. With his workouts increasing in weight and intensity, he started crafting and sculpting a physique that others started to envy. His social media was also on the rise as someone who partied, and knew how to throw wild parties, plus with more attention on him, he saw the chance to capitalize.

He ended up getting a degree in Exercise and Sports Science and used his knowledge and experience to only further his academic credit. Having been featured in a number of publications, and also some TV appearances, Big Neechi has set himself as someone who people gravitate towards for both content and advice.

Big Neechi
Photo via @bigneechi Instagram

Big Neechi Biceps & Triceps Workout

In a recent YouTube video, Big Neechi shows off his impressive biceps and triceps workout so everyone can get a glimpse into how he grows his arms. A great mix of amazing exercises, these combine machines and free weight so you can tackle all of those lifting wants and needs with no problem. Exercises include:

  • Seated DB Overhead Triceps Extension
  • EZ Bar Skullcrushers
  • Single Arm DB Preacher Curl
  • Preacher Curls On Machine
  • Weighted Dips
  • Battle Ropes

Let’s get into this workout from Big Neechi so you can place this into your routine and see how you like it. Once you perform this once, you will love what this can do for you on those arm-focused days.

The Workout


Big Neechi starts this workout with triceps pushdowns. His note is to keep these controlled and not to jerk the cable down with excessive movement. Also, keeping your elbows tight with no movement allows for total activation of the muscle.

Seated DB Overhead Triceps Extension2-312
EZ Bar Skullcrushers2-312
Single Arm DB Preacher Curl2-312
Machine Preacher Curls2-312
Weight Dips2-312

Big Neechi finishes this workout with a round of battle ropes to fire up those muscles and add some intensity to end the session. Battle ropes are great ways to build strength and conditioning and provide that added challenge once fatigue starts to settle in.

Big Neechi Nutrition & Supplementation For Continued Gains

On top of a great workout, Big Neechi puts a real emphasis on nutrition to make sure his macros are all in line and that he eats incredibly clean. Foods like chicken and rice, vegetables, and other healthy options are the right approach for pumping him with the necessary nutrients to fuel any workout. Of course, protein is essential as this will give those muscles the proper fuel to grow, especially after a grueling workout like this biceps and triceps one above.

When it comes to supplementation, Big Neechi is also in tune with what works for him. Great supplements like protein powder ensure growth and recovery by pumping you with adequate amounts of protein and a pre-workout is always great for those looking toward muscle pumps and increased energy. If you are someone who enjoys a supplement mid-workout, BCAAs are perfect for fighting through fatigue and kickstarting growth before the workout is even complete.

Wrap Up

This biceps and triceps from Big Neechi is exactly what you need to see in order for the most effective gains. Well-built arms are key in any well-rounded physique and will make others envy the work you put in. A great mix of free weights and machines, Big Neechi takes full advantage of the gym and the equipment afforded to him in efforts to see the best growth possible. Place this workout into your arm day routine and see what this can do for all your gains today.

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