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Ukrainian weightlifter 30-year-old Dmytro Chumak and his coach Matsokha Mykhailo are facing multiple doping and bribery allegations following an Out-Of-Competition testing mission conducted by the independent party of the International Testing Agency.

During the mission which occurred on May 6, Dmytro Chumak refused a request to provide a sample for drug testing. Chumak is also being accused of bribing the Doping Control Officers that conducted the testing, and his coach is accused of helping him in those efforts.

The pair now face a combined total of 5 charges and have been suspended by the International Weightlifting Federation pending the outcome of those charges.

Dmytro Chumak is a two-time world medalist and a European champion in weightlifting. He also competed in weightlifting and represented the Ukraine in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

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The Charges

On May 6, Dmytro Chumak was subject to Out-Of-Competition testing that was conducted by the International Testing Agency (ITA). He was asked to supply a sample for drug testing and refused. Following that, he allegedly attempting to bribe a Doping Control Officer (DCO).

There are a combined total of 5 charges between the duo. The details of the alleged bribe against the DCO are unclear at this time. Dmytro is accused of the use of a substance, evasions, and bribes. The ITA has released a report on the matter, that also accuses Dmytro’s coach of tampering and complicity.

Dmytro Chumak’s Charges

  • Article 2.2 Violation: Use or Attempted Use of a Prohibited Substance
  • Article 2.3 Violation: Evading and Refusing Sample Collection
  • Article 2.5 Violation: Tampering or Attempted Tampering With any Part of Doping Control

Matsokha Mykhailo’s Charges

  • Article 2.5 Violation: Tampering or Attempted Tampering With any Part of Doping Control
  • Article 2.9 Violation: Complicity or Attempted Complicity Involving an Anti-Doping Rules Violation (ADRV)

The violations are violations of the IWF’s Anti-Doping Rules (IWF ADR). Any violations of those rules are violations of the IWF and not the ITA. The International Testing Agency is an independent agency dedicated to fairness in sports and delivers transparent anti-doping programs to sporting events and organizations across the world.

The ITA Report – What Happens Now?

According to the ITA report, Dmytro Chumak and Matsokha Mykhailo have been informed of the charges and are suspended pending resolution. The IWF ADR stipulates that they will face the consequences of the charges. If those consequences are not accepted by either party, the athlete and his coach individually each have rights to seek a hearing on the matter.

Among the potential consequences are not being able to attend the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

The charges will be prosecuted by the ITA.

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Dmytro Chumak Records

Dmytro Chumak holds records as a world-class athlete, having won on the world stage twice, and is a 3-time European Weightlifting Champ (EWF). He has competed in the Middle Heavyweight (94kg), Sub Heavyweight (102kg), and Heavyweight (109kg) classes.

  • 2015: IWF World Championships, bronze, 94kg weight-class
  • 2016: Rio Olympics – Middle Heavyweight, sixth place, 387 kg total
  • 2017: European Championships – Middle Heavyweight, second place, 388kg total
  • 2018: World Championships – Sub Heavyweight, second place, 393kg total
  • 2018: IWF World Championships, silver, 102kg weight-class
  • 2019: European Championships – Sub Heavyweight, first place, 391kg total
  • 2019: British International Open – Heavyweight, third place, 380kg total
  • 2020: World Cup – Heavyweight, third place,405kg total
  • 2021: European Championships – Heavyweight, first place, 407kg total
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