WATCH: Method Man Shows Off Strength, Benches 315 Pounds For Five Reps


Method Man is improving his physique and adding bench press strength along the way.

Method Man might be known for his work as a member of Wu-Tang Clan but he is beginning to make waves for his fitness journey. Method Man, who’s real name is Clifford Smith Jr., has transformed his physique and is continuing to build strength and a super hero chest. Recently, he shared a video on social media completing five reps with 315 pounds on bench press.

Smith Jr. was part of one of the best hip-hop groups of all-time. Wu-Tang Clan had a unique sound that transformed the genre during its time. To this day, the group remains extremely influential for artists and is remembered for its incredible work.

At 51 years old, Method Man has found a love for the gym and is building an impressive physique. He has also started a sportswear fashion brand called Tical Athletics. He has promoted the brand’s clothes and supplements on social media showing off his lifts.


He has also been seen sharing videos in the gym completing different exercises, such as squats and dumbbell press. It is clear that his passion for fitness is something that he is taking seriously.

Method Man Looks Strong In Workout Videos

Method Man has been an inspiration and motivator for many in the hip-hop game for years now. In the gym, he is looking to accomplish the same goal.

In his recent video, Method Man completes five slow reps with strong form. He was able to push through the fifth and final rep, despite a bit of a struggle. The final rep is the most important as lifters push through a bit of adversity against the weight. That is what Method Man can be seen doing here.

In other videos, the hip-hop star can be seen completing reps of dumbbell presses with weight up to 120 pounds. He has been able to rep the heavy weights in both standard and incline form.

Method Man has dedicated himself to transforming his physique and that is what has happened. He has been using his strength to do so and that is only going to improve with more training.

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