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First off, congrats on your weight loss achievements… progress is progress whether you’ve lost 2 or 100 pounds! You’ve put in the work and now for the fun part where you get to measure your results.

Weight Loss Percentage Calculator

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But first, let’s talk a little about weight loss…

Now, let’s make something clear, when we say weight loss, we’re referring to overall ‘weight’ loss and not just ‘fat’ loss. The reason being is, depending on each individual situation, weight loss may not be solely in the form of body fat. In fact, muscle and water often contribute to weight loss although, again, this varies. 

And it’s up to you to make the necessary lifestyle changes to ensure you’re losing weight in a healthy manner. For example, resistance training, exercise in general, and eating a healthy diet that results in progressive weight loss will determine the quality of your results.

For example, it’s generally recommended to lose no more than 2 pounds per week for the average individual who has a weight loss goal. This will ensure you keep muscle, maintain a good hormone balance, and maintain overall health. Although, the closer to morbid obesity may warrant a faster weight loss process in some instances.

But it’s just important that you stick to a routine and make progress on a weekly basis. Being a healthy weight reduces several health risk factors such as diabetes, heart disease, and much more.

“This is the similar calculator used to calculate weight loss percentage in the NBC’s popular ‘The Biggest Loser’ TV show.”

Weight Loss Nutrition

Preserving muscle tissue is ideal during the weight loss process which means protein consumption should be sufficient. Protein is the only muscle-building macronutrient and what many people don’t realize when the goal is weight is that muscle helps the body burn more calories

And the more calories you burn, the more weight you can lose if you’re not consuming an excess of calories which gets stored as fat. 

Try our calorie calculator to determine how many calories you need to eat every day to achieve your weight goal. 

Research shows that sufficient protein intake boosts your metabolism (more calories burned at rest), promotes satiety, increases fat oxidation, and plays a role in the regulation of hormones that affect weight. Not to mention sufficient protein intake has been associated with improvements in cardiometabolic risk factors. (1, 2, 3)

Weight Loss DietWeight Loss DietWeight Loss Diet

One study found that protein at 30% of daily caloric intake resulted in significant weight loss due to fewer calories consumed overall. (4)

But there are several more scientific reviews that show the positive effects protein has on weight loss.

Check out our protein calculator to learn how much protein you need to consume on a daily basis based on your goal/s.  

Now, low-carb dieting has shown to have the best effect on overall weight loss initially where nutrition is concerned. There are a few different possible mechanisms that explain the reasoning but it works! Although, the effects are reportedly most pronounced during the first 6-12 months.

After that, the effects seem to be more beneficial for overall health rather than weight loss in the long term. (5)

One hypothesis is that low carbs regulate insulin which is an anabolic hormone made by the pancreas that allows the body to use carbs for energy. When insulin is too high, your body stores fat. But when it’s at healthy levels, your body can utilize the fat for energy most optimally. (5)

Another hypothesis for the perceived benefits of going low carb is that since protein and fat are consequently increased in the diet, satiety and less concomitant hypoglycemia contribute largely to the weight loss. Well, this tends to have an effect on hunger hormones. 

We do know though, that low carb can be utilized safely and effectively to produce results. However, past the one year mark, low-carb dieting seems to elicit similar or possibly more favorable results when compared to other diets. (6, 7)

So whichever diet you choose to stick with, make sure you’re getting adequate nutrients as you want to ensure you maintain optimal health. It’s also a good idea to get regular checkups just to be sure you’re not deficient in anything either. 

And, of course, you should eat quality food sources that consist of mostly vegetables, possibly some lean meat if you’re not vegetarian or vegan, plant fats, and low-glycemic carb sources in moderation.

If you need help with nutrition for weight loss, check out our amazing food database that’ll allow you to track your nutrition and calories. Plus, we have plenty of helpful articles on the subject.

Physical Activity and Weight Loss

Then, of course, you have exercise and physical activity which can be a tremendous help for help loss. You can actually eat more calories overall while not having to worry as much about gaining weight. 

But… this depends on how much you’re exercising and how much you’re eating. There has to be a balance and the calorie calculator above will help you to determine how many calories you should consume in combination with your activity levels. 

Strength Training In GymStrength Training In GymStrength Training

But strength training, cardio, and any activity that gets you up and active daily is very important for your overall health and well being. It keeps you strong, makes you look and feel better, and can lengthen your life too. Exercise also burns additional calories for hours after activity and this is often referred to as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption or EPOC. (8)

This is especially the case with high-intensity training which is really awesome for burning a lot of calories in a short amount of time. 

Here’s a handy tool that’ll calculate calories burned based on the exercise of your choice.

Ok, now it’s time to go over the weight loss percentage calculator so you know exactly what it is and how to use it. 

The weight loss percentage calculator is basically a tool that you can use to determine the percent of weight in which you’ve lost (pretty simple right?). Well, it is actually rather simple but there’s one thing you need to be aware of. 

If two people at different body weights lose the same amount of weight, the result will be different. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds and lose 10 pounds, then you’re going to have a different weight loss percentage result than someone who weighs 140 pounds and loses 10 pounds. 

The result is relative to the overall body weight of each individual.

How To Use The Weight Loss Calculator

It’s very to use the weight loss percentage calculator.

  1. Choose your unit of measurement which is either imperial (lbs) or metric (kgs)
  2. Type in the weight that you were at before you lost weight
  3. Then type in your current weight
  4. Hit ‘calculate weight loss’

Bam! It’s that’s easy. The result will show your weight loss percentage.

It’s not some special tool that’ll help you lose weight but rather one that’ll allow you to measure progress. So, feel free to use it to gauge your results!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the weight loss percentage formula?

Weight Loss Percentage formula is: total lbs lost divided by starting weight. Then, multiply the result by 100.

Example: (15lbs / 160lbs) * 100 = -9.38%

What is the weight loss percentage calculator?

It’s a neat, simple tool that allows you to find out the overall percentage of weight loss you have achieved.

For example, if you weight 150 pounds and lose 10 pounds of weight, then your weight loss percentage will be 6.67%.

But keep in mind, the result is relative to the overall bodyweight of the individual. So, someone who weighs less or more and sheds the same number of pounds will have a different percentage.

Can the weight loss percentage calculator help me to lose weight?

The calculator itself will not help you to determine lifestyle changes that would result in weight loss. However, we have provided some useful weight loss information below the calculator.

Is the weight loss percentage calculator accurate?

It’s relatively accurate based on a calculation of an overall percentage.


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