What To Look For In The Healthiest Mass Gainer For Post-Workout Gains


The healthiest mass gainer can build muscle in the most healthy way.

Mass gaining supplements have the ability to boost our overall gains and the healthiest mass gainer should absolutely be on your shelf. With so many products out there, the choices can seem overwhelming, however, there are those top products to choose from that will enhance overall performance and health. What it takes is knowing what to look for because many supplement companies try to take the easy way out. But you deserve the best and can easily get there with the right approach to mass gainers.

As supplements working to improve strength and size, while providing for a clean bulk, what you will find are that mass gainers work to give you the best benefits possible. Taken for those in a bulking phase, or for those who struggle to gain weight, mass gainers are a healthy approach to gaining weight and overall mass. The healthiest mass gainer puts you and your gains just one step ahead of the rest.

Let’s take a deeper look into mass gainers and explore what you need to know when looking for the healthiest mass gainer supplements. Knowing what to look for can go a long way and you won’t be disappointed by the results for your performance and overall health.

healthiest mass gainer

What Is A Mass Gainer & What Are The Benefits?

A mass gainer typically comes as a powdered supplement that can be added to your desired beverage of choice. Packed with macronutrients, and other added ingredients as well, this supplement can work to increase strength and size as you look to build overall mass.

Benefits of mass gainers include:

  • More growth and recovery: With protein and the right ratio of macronutrients, you work towards those bulking needs in an effective way.
  • Reach calorie intake: For those looking to hit a certain amount of calories or struggling to get there, mass gainers can pump you with clean calories.
  • Good source of fiber: The top mass gainers will have plenty of fiber to help with nutrient absorption and overall digestion.

healthiest mass gainer

What To Look For In The Healthiest Mass Gainer

There are some key factors to look for in your healthiest mass gainer that will greatly enhance all of your gains. By knowing what to look for, you can better prepare yourself for whatever comes your way and will ensure your product is as safe and healthy as possible.

Amount Of Macronutrients

The key factor for mass gainers is that you get the right amount of macronutrients possible. For those looking to just get protein, and in particular a whey isolate, then protein powders are the best option for you. What you will find with mass gainers are a supplement packed with a balance of protein, carbs, and fat. What you should watch out for is the ratio. It is obviously not an exact science but these three macronutrients should be working together to build gains.

Sugar Amount

Sugar is a gains killer and some of these supplements try to sweeten up the taste with sugar. Consider this though, for if you are trying to avoid sugar or keep this out of your diet altogether, you will find that some mass gainer supplements do have sugar that you just don’t need.

Added Ingredients

Mass gainers can also include added ingredients like fiber or digestive enzymes to allow for better absorption and overall digestion. What you will find with this are those nutrients will hit you more effectively so nothing goes to waste. Plus, with such a massive load of macronutrients hitting your body at once, it is important to have the right added ingredients to optimize digestion and absorption for no bloating or discomfort.

Flavors & Natural Vs. Artificial Sweeteners

It helps to have supplements with great tasting flavors for variety, but keep in mind the sweeteners used. While artificial sweeteners aren’t the end of the world, if you can find a naturally sweetened supplement, this will work so much better for your gains in the long run.


Mass gainers will be high in calories, but they are clean calories, meaning the supplement is designed to give you as many nutrients as possible for the best growth. However, keep in mind the number of calories depending on the phase you are in just as an added component to your health.

healthiest mass gainer

Finding the right supplement can be challenging but it isn’t impossible. With so many on the market, the saturation can lead to frustration when looking for the healthiest mass gainer. We wanted to share a great supplement with you so you can get the most out of your mass gaining products in the healthiest way possible.

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