Why Running and Bodybuilding Can Actually Be A Great Combination For Gains


Although not our favorite, running is far more effective than other types of cardio when it comes to bodybuilding and those big gains.

Running has long been thought to lose all those gains you worked so hard for in the gym. Many bodybuilders have been conflicted by this type of cardio, for that hard-earned muscle deserves to stay. There seem to be two camps; those who believe running helps gain muscle faster and those who feel it is harmful for muscle growth. Although a tedious and monotonous exercise to do on the road, and even worse at the gym, the connection between running and bodybuilding is hard to ignore.

The question remains of just how to incorporate both in your training so as to not lose those big gains while also improving cardio and allowing running to be part of your workout routine. High-volume endurance running can lead to a low-protein diet and muscle loss, but when done right, running can benefit you in more ways than one. As a bodybuilder, it is crucial to keep a solid physical and mental state and while lifting big is the fun part, sometimes you must do the necessary evil to maximize your gains.

When done right, you will see all the work you’ve put in on full display and you will feel great in the process. Lace up those shoes and get ready to run because these reasons should be enough to slip running into your workout regiment at least a few times a week.


Muscle Growth For Enhanced Size

With frequent, long distance runs, it is easy to lose muscle and unless you are training for a marathon or long-distance competition, it is not necessary to do this. By adding running to your workout routine, it is important to have a diet that is high in protein and high in carbs to increase your chances of keeping that muscle on while also getting the most out of running.

With higher intensity workouts, the more growth hormones will flow in your system and lead to increased muscle mass, both un the upper body and lower body. By incorporating cardio, in particular high interval cardio, into your workouts, you will lose excess fat and that physique will begin to show. Shorter runs or interval training will provide a great alternative to lifting, and with the right supplements, you won’t burn your hard-earned muscle for energy, either upper body or lower body, when you run for longer distances with endurance training.

Increased Performance For Results

Running, like other forms of cardio, are the best way to build that endurance base to keep you going in the gym for much longer, as if you were to run long distances. With increased lung capacity and an efficient heart, your gains in the weight room will improve simply because you have that increased stamina to do so.

Recovery is also key to building muscle and that boost from running will increase the amount of blood your heart can pump to those worn-down muscles and help reduce the amount of lactic acid in you. It can send those vital nutrients to damaged muscles in desperate need of recovery, especially after running long distances and strength training and weight training for lean muscle.

Running increases the demand on the circulatory system and makes your heart work hard to get blood to those areas that need it most. With poor circulation, muscle cramps and numbness are an unfortunate side effect that can hinder a bodybuilders training. Good circulation will lead to increased performance and enable you to build muscle and strength much faster while aiding in endurance running in people as they train every day.


Promote Solid Sleep For Recovery

Sleep is often overlooked for our busy schedules tend to keep us fighting to get that much needed rest. Although large amounts of caffeine and supplements can keep us awake and getting tasks done, it is a disservice to our muscle growth to deprive our body of well-deserved shut eye. During sleep, the body repairs muscle tissue that was torn during the workout.

Through protein synthesis, it can also enhance muscle recovery. Testosterone, which is produced during sleep, plays an important role in muscle growth as well so getting the proper rest is crucial to seeing that growth work. With running, or some other high intensity activity, studies have shown it improves our quality of sleep.

More sleep means more energy for that next day’s training session as the first thing you do to form your day. As athletes, we need to make sure water is in our plan too, whether you run a mile or make sure you get a good lift.

Skip Leg Day? No Problem.

While leg day is important to hit as a bodybuilder, running can reach those muscle groups that may get overlooked, or at least not looked at enough. Running at a steady pace in between weightlifting days can also increase muscle mass and prevent muscle deterioration.

Instead of sprinting, a well-placed run in your regiment can be incredibly beneficial for your muscle gains while being easy on your joints. The increase strain on your legs mixed with a solid recovery session will help your legs pop and make you feel good that you didn’t leave out any muscle groups for runners to look for when burning calories from low impact work and proper nutrition for what you think you need. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.


Improve Mental Health For Better Mood

Often times when you are stressed, people will tell you to go for a run. This is because a good run can release your “feel good” endorphins, which when released, can help you deal with stress. The increased blood circulation has a powerful effect on your mood and can reduce anxiety and depression.

Any good athlete knows that mental power is important to possess when faced with adversity. Running will give you confidence and allow you to push through mental walls to get you to the next level. An increased mood and stress-free attitude will allow for better athletic performance, increased sleep, and better opportunities for muscle growth while burning calories from low impact work on your legs and joints.

Wrap Up

Running can be a difficult exercise to will yourself to start. As a bodybuilder, you may see running as the evil exercise that will diminish and ruin your hard work while burning calories you need from running or lifting. But the benefits of running and bodybuilding go hand in hand and when done right, the growth can be great.

Higher intensity workouts, like sprinting, are solid exercises to do to boost cardio and give you that much needed energy in the gym. The ability to promote sleep, increase blood circulation, and support mental health are just added bonuses with running. It is important to know your body and to know what works best, but with a solid diet and supplemental regiment, mixed with a great lift and an equally beneficial amount of cardio, your gains and athletic performance as a bodybuilder will shine through and you will look and feel great.

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