Will The Earthquake Bench Press Annihilate Your Chest


The search for new and improved exercises.

In the ever changing bodybuilding world there is always room for new and fresh exercises, all of them created to provide variety for the avid lifter. Everyone who’s looking to improve their bodies are always scouring the internet in hopes of finding a method of building muscle that they haven’t come across before.

Whether it’s a method that is well known or one that few have heard of, a bodybuilder, especially one who reaches a plateau, will take the time to experiment with an exercise they haven’t tried before.

Plateauing is truly a big concern for anyone looking to either shred fat or build muscle. Hitting a brick wall on your road of gains is simply not an option and can be a truly daunting mountain to climb. But the internet provides the kind of access a bodybuilder could ever want or need. If there’s an exercise out there that has yet to be discovered in the gym, the online web can surely provide.

With plenty of bodybuilders on social media showing off their progress pics, it’s no surprise that they’d share some of the exercises that provided them with their improved form. The idea is to educate the fans and bodybuilding hopefuls while showing the competition just what lengths they’ll go to in order to secure victory.

Brandon Curry is a well respected IFBB pro with a number of title wins under his belt including the Mr. Olympia 2019 title. He trains hard, he’s dedicated and he’s hungry for success. With hopes of making the improvements he needs to compete against the other monsters in the upper echelons of the open weight class, Curry is utilizing all the knowledge he possesses in order to make some drastic changes to his physique.

One method he’s using is the earthquake bench press, an exercise that looks a bit unconventional, but has been used by many strength athletes including Mark Bell. Check out Curry performing this interesting lift during his chest routine.

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