WWE Legend Randy Orton’s Most Outrageous RKO’s Have Gone Viral On Twitter


WWE Legend Randy Orton's Most Outrageous RKO's Have Gone Viral On Twitter

A thread of WWE legend Randy Orton’s most outrageous RKO’s has gone viral and fans are still amazed by the move’s pure unpredictability.

Orton has been a mainstay in the WWE since 2002 and along with that is his iconic ‘RKO’ finishing maneuver.

He’s proven over the last 19 years he can hit it on anyone anywhere at any time and a viral Twitter thread has all the best ones.


It begins with an RKO on Evan Bourne, who attempted to hit Orton with a Shooting Star Press in 2010. Big mistake.

Bourne flung himself high in the air and reversed into a backflip but on the way down, got caught in the RKO by Orton.


‘The Viper’ rose to his feet in joy as a sold-out crowd in Lexington, Kentucky lost their minds.

Other wrestling fans got involved and paid tribute to the three deadliest letters in all of sports entertainment.

Longtime rival John Cena was on the end of a few RKO’s in his time and one at Bragging Rights 2009 caught everyone off guard.

Cena had Orton prepped for an Attitude Adjustment and that was somehow switched into the RKO.



WrestleMania 31 saw Orton take on former Authority stablemate Seth Rollins and that particular RKO has gone down in history.

Rollins had his opponent set for the Curb Stomp and planted his boot on the back of a prone Orton’s head.

Instead, he jumped up into the air and was met with an RKO that smashed his head to the ground.


Orton was so pumped and in the moment, referee Rod Zapata had to remind him to go for the pin and win the match.

Dolph Ziggler is another man who has been on the end of a vicious RKO, being thrown from a powerbomb position high into the air.

Which did the man himself prefer most? It all goes back to Evan Bourne.

He told WWE.com back in 2017: I would say probably the one with Evan Bourne. It just shows you how important timing is and I felt like the timing on that particular one was harder to achieve than any of the other ones. The one on Seth [Rollins] at WrestleMania was difficult, too.

“I’ve done some cool ones with Dolph [Ziggler] and Cesaro, too, and springboards in with Carlito and CM Punk. The timing is what makes that.

WWE Legend Randy Orton's Most Outrageous RKO's Have Gone Viral On Twitter

Image Credit: WWE

“But the hardest one, the highest-risk one to hit perfect was the Evan Bourne one, and that’d probably be why it’s my favorite.”

What do you think is the greatest RKO of all-time?

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