WWE News: 20 Years Today, Edge Speared Jeff Hardy Off The Ladder In Incredible Wrestlemania 17 Match


WWE News: 20 Years Today, Edge Speared Jeff Hardy Off The Ladder In Incredible Wrestlemania 17 Match

20 years today, one of the most shocking moments in WWE history took place when Edge speared Jeff Hardy off a 20 foot ladder.

At Wrestlemania 17 in Houston, Texas, Edge and Christian, the Hardy Boyz and the Dudley Boyz competed in the second ‘TLC’ match.

They had stolen the show the year before in a ‘Triangle Ladder Match’ at Wrestlemania 16 and after a barnstormer later that year at Summerslam, they went one better on April 1, 2001.



The event, headlined by Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock, is deemed to be the greatest Wrestlemania of all-time by many.

And a key reason for that was because of the magic conjured up by three of the best tag-teams in history.

The Wrestlemania X-7 match had three extra moving parts, with each team having an extra member interfering in the match: The Hardys had the daring Lita, Edge and Christian were flanked by beast that was Rhyno, while little Spike Dudley did his best to aid the Dudley Boyz in their quest for the gold.


In front of a rabid Texas crowd that were with them all the way, all performers went above and beyond to create yet another special match for fans. – somehow managing to trump what they had done previously with ridiculous death-defying stunts and sequences.

And it was the final spot that everyone remembers 20 years on.

Holding on to the tag team titles by the skin of his teeth after Bubba Ray Dudley removed the ladder, Jeff Hardy was on the receiving end of an awe-inspiring spear from Edge off a 20ft ladder, prompting Jim Ross to completely lose his mind on commentary.


Edge and Christian, as they so often did in the stellar series, unhooked the belts for the win.

But Hardy was the MVP match and now 43, he holds no regrets and remains “very proud” of his daredevil stunts.

He told SPORTbible: “Now, in my older life, I’m like, ‘Man, I can’t do that now!’ but back then it was so crazy-cool. No regrets, I love everything I’ve ever done and I’m going to achieve more before I pass away hopefully. No regrets.


“That Swanton Bomb to D-Von and Bubba Dudley in that first TLC match really hurt my back and my hands were bruised for like two weeks.

“But we heal. I’m lucky enough to heal so there’s no serious injuries, which is amazing.”

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